Investments in real estate are always investments in the future. We create the ideal requirements for profitable financial investments. We offer long-term yields, value increases, and investment security. And with our investors we share a passion for sophisticated architectural and urban planning projects, as well as the creative drive to realise them.

We develop investment solutions in metropolitan areas and control every detail of the projects until they are complete. In doing so we are dynamic, decisive, prudent, and responsible while maintaining a calculated openness to risk. That is why we enjoy the trust of both investors and clients.

We have years of experience in the redevelopment of portfolio properties, area developments, urban planning and structural projects for mid-sized to large property portfolios. These form the foundation for effective architectural planning, efficient location development, and successful restructuring.

Our real estate segments include residential and commercial properties, from residential blocks and urban villas to hotels and commercial facilities.

In our intensive competition for access to attractive locations, we have the advantage of an extensive network. We upvalue neighbourhoods and push urban planning forward with our partners in the fields of architecture, construction, and location development.

We strongly believe that the substance of a property and our on-site expertise guarantee sustainable appreciation and added value. And we do not stick with old structures if new construction offers added structural, architectural, living and economic value.

Along with exclusive material investments, our range of services also includes long-term real estate portfolio management. This is done in our client’s interest in respectability, and is based on defined requirement profiles.

Our goal is to lead projects toward success in a cooperative, dedicated, contemporary and timely fashion.